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I overate at dinner a bit with about an extra half cup of the girls’ mac and cheese. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical this morning, and I’ll try to do some abs tonight. Thank you all for your support.

Maryann: Black and white thinking error, no?

Joy: Salting cabbage is also critical to not having a runny mess three hours after you make coleslaw. Your recipe sounds delicious – thanks for posting.

6crowsgold: Is there a way to start being not miserable immediately?

Nationalparker: Sorry you missed your bubble bath. I have loads of bubble bath but it is all, like, strawberry flavored kid stuff. Shudder.

Ceejay: What motivation tape? I love listening to motivation tapes. I assume you actually some kind of non-obsolete technology. (I once saw an “age test” that showed a pencil and a cassette tape and then asked, “How are these two things related?” If you don’t know, then I am guessing you are under 35.)

Tricia: Why is walking three extra miles “giving in?” Do you exercise binge? Off to google T-Tapp now.

Onebyone: That is some hard-core food pushing. I think you did well all things considered. Going to re-start your streak?

Ladym0208: That seems like a good place to dig in – good luck. And good on you for doing it.

BBE: Kudos for walking and keeping it brisk.

Lexxiss: Sounds like you managed those challenges beautifully.

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