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Exclamation nice surprise, unexpected.


*credit* weighed this morning and saw 262.6. Good. It's too bad these lower numbers don't come on official weigh-in day (Mondays). Oh well. Was thinking yesterday how it is taking forever to get out of these 260's. These are the pounds that came back on after my brother died last year. A solid 20. I am unwilling to carry this weight anymore. *credit for tracking and planning and posting and eating 1/2 size portions.

I need to visit my mother this morning. I got a phone message from my sister that she is depressed. And that I should visit. It seems everyone has a plan for my life. I need to start scheduling visits to more long term care facilities as well. Somewhere in there is my own life that needs tending. More deadlines for art submissions coming up. In fact I will miss one this Friday. I'm ok with it as it a co$tly one to enter plus my prints have to be in another city by 5pm Friday, all matted, which is the real snag. I can't print/matte/send in 2 days. Oh well.

Guess that's it. I need some breakfast. I am happy to be so close to the 250's again though. I tell you, I was wondering if it would ever happen. Thrilled my new fitbit foodplan is working.

Have a great day.
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