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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

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Aleka, if there's one bean i can't bear to eat its kidney beans. So saying you liked your salad even with kidney beans is quite something.

Yes i use the canned beans and rinse them off too. Apparently there's something in the water that's not so good.

I'm a quite a lazy cook most of the time too. But the pea soup is really really easy. Chop onions - even roughly, put everything in pot. Cook, blend, eat. Its really not much harder than making my salad, though of course its messier and one has to wait a bit for the cooking. And i can't eat salad night and day. I like a hot meal at night especially now that the weather is just starting to cool a tiny bit.

That said, i realised today that 500g of peas makes a real lot of soup. I should probably have some tubs to put it in the freezer in separate servings but I'm not that organised yet. …. I've got about 4 litres of soup or is it three. So now there won't be much cooking this week which is a good thing actually since this evening, the gas bottle ran out and i haven't managed switch it over to the other one and my father who generally does these things is a way for a few more days. I will miss my fried egg tomorrow - that much i can say.
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