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Lilliann, I'm sorry that you had a weight gain, but I agree with what the others said, it's only temporary and will come off. Steelslady had a good idea about eating one bagel instead of two and eating it with your juice.

Glad that you've decided not to give up and will be sticking around. Counting fiber has really worked for you.

I hope your sciatica goes away soon. and you're feeling better. DH had it a few years ago and had to go to PT. Thankfully it hasn't bothered him since.

Pattience, yesterday I put 1/4 cup of red kidney beans on my salad. It was really good. I used canned beans and rinsed them off....I'm a lazy cook. When these are gone I'm going to try another bean. Thanks for the tip!

Steelslady, Thank you for letting me know about the Comfort Inn. I didn't realize they let the public use their pool, that's good to know.

Have you been to Natural Choice Mkt. on Rte. 28A in Hooksett? DH & I are going later today and I'm looking forward to see what they have.

Pattygirl, That's great you've discovered what your body can handle in the way of food. I have GERD and I'm still learning.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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