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Originally Posted by Coachadaml View Post
2 fruits that are high in fiber are raspberries and Asian pears.
Thank you for reminding me about the raspberries- I completely forgot about them being high in fiber.

When I was a kid, we had raspberry bushes in our back yard- we use to pick them and eat them with a little bit of cream and sugar- so good! We have raspberry bushes in our yard here, too, but not enough of them- hubby and I end up sharing the one bowl of raspberries we get out of the bushes out back. I need to get more bushes, maybe this year. We have two apple trees, a peach tree, two pear trees, and are getting two cherry trees for Mother's Day. I just love my fruit trees!

I bought some raspberries today along with the Asian pears- I have never had those pears before, they're shaped and look like an apple. Can't wait to try them- got four of them, going to use one in a smoothie tomorrow.

Originally Posted by aleka View Post
Steelslady, Thank you for letting me know which bread you buy. I bought a loaf of When Pigs Fly high fiber bread and it tasted like cardboard.

I found Beanitos at the Hannaford's on Ft Eddy Rd. I bought the plain ones and DH & I had some with our lunch. We thought they were pretty good.

Is the pool you go to in Concord at the "Y"? Keep up the exercising, you're doing great.

Please post your recipe for the apricot chicken, it sounds really good.

I totally agree about this winter! I've had enough of it.
thanks for the help on finding the Beanitos- I don't care for the Nacho cheese flavor, too beany tasting for me. Better Cheddar tastes a little better- maybe I just favor the darker beans varieties? Going to try the pinto with sea salt in the next two days.

We go swimming at the Comfort Inn in Concord- they are closed from 1 PM to 2:30 Pm for cleaning, but for $7.00 per 24 hour period, you can't beat the price. They have a hot tub, sauna, and a shower as well. For the most part, the pool is nice and warm. I love it there. I just bought some ankle weights and arm water weights, can't wait to try them out in the pool. The staff is very friendly there, they even let us grab a free coffee on the way out. You should go sometime, I think you would enjoy it! Just about everyone we've met there is very fun and friendly- there are others who go on a daily or two or three times a week basis. I met a wonderful couple last week and we've been in touch ever since and are going to try and plan a swim/exercise time together sometime this week.

Wouldn't you know, I bought all of the ingredients for the Apricot Chicken, and then I lost the blasted recipe- I had to make up my own, which was awesome, but I need to tweak it- came out too soupy, may just cut out the water that I used with the no sodium chicken broth and just add the broth granules instead. I had to thicken it up with cornstarch. Still the family really enjoyed it, and my poor oldest daughter got a cleaning out last night. .

Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
Hi Lilian, sorry to hear you are disappointed. Its important to manage those feelings but i certainly don't think its bad as you fear.

Nevertheless you've just told us the likely reason for you large increase in weight overnight. take way foods have a high salt level and salt in the blood needs to hold onto water. Just as if we quit salt altogether we'd lose a lot of water weight. But doing that is harmful too because our bodies do need some salt. About 1 tsp a day in total. I know that not having enough salt is important because you can become dehydrated without realising it because you do not feel thirsty, even though you've been sweating and peeing it all out. I experienced this but luckily did not get sick. I just got night cramps in my legs.

Whenever i eat my favourite japanese food when i go to the city i have a major weight hike overnight because asian food as well as most takeaway stuff is very high in salt. Cheese is high in salt. Processed foods are high in salt.

I am now not so bothered by the yo yo of my weight.
Other reasons i've seen for my water weight increase is menstruation
but for the most part i think the fluctuations have to do with salt and water and so i watch the scales go up and down massively sometimes and don't take it too seriously.

If you want to understand it better do some searches on the way the body regulates and salt and fluid levels in the body. I think its important for dieters to have some understanding of this because of way we read the scales and how that affects our moods.

For me i would be scared to do it only once a month because i might choose a bad day to do it and mistakenly think i'd lost no weight when i had if i was holding a lot of water that night.

Anyway look after your mood. Keep optimistic. Don't give up. You are on the right path.

Another thing that keeps my weight up overnight - usually over a few days is because i don't go to the loo every day so i get an increase from that. My depression meds cause that problem. And since i read that article about seratonin yesterday i now understand how and why my meds cause it.
Pattience- so glad you have joined us! I really love reading your posts and you have posted some great ideas as well as advice. I hope you continue to stay with our happy group, we may be small, but everyone here including yourself is helpful, caring, compassionate, and fun to post with. I think I will add your "lack of a trip to the loo" as one of the other reasons why a big gain can happen overnight. That used to happen to my best friend alot, she was on and still is on a laxative. She has lost almost 100 pounds, but sadly, her diet is still not very good- much better than before, but she still needs to get more healthy foods in her, especially fiber. She always jokes about how whenever she eats at my house, she gets a good cleaning out and feels better afterwards, to a point where she doesn't need her laxative that day. I always cooks lots of veggies and we always have a bunch of fruit on our table in a basket, and she chows away on it all. I keep telling her to increase her fiber, but I am so proud of her for her weight loss- she looks wonderful, the best I have ever seen her look in the 31 years we've been friends. Oh, and she did it all on processed foods- she doesn't cook at all, but she still did it.

I just want to say, thank you to all of you for your kind comments and compliments, but honestly, you have ALL helped me in more ways than I can count. From sharing recipes and food ideas, discussing our medical issues and working them out together, discussing exercise, but most of all, just the warm and caring support towards myself as well as to each other has just been amazing and so very very helpful. This is my all time favorite thread on here besides the comical old hula hoop thread 6 years ago (wow, I've been here a long time, lol!). I enjoy reading everyone's post every day, and I look forward to reading all of your posts in the future. Please keep them coming!

While I still have some energy left in me, I am going to clip out some exercises from various Fitness magazines, Woman's World, Prevention, etc, and put them in an old photo album that I have never used to keep them on hand. Years ago, I did this, and what a fun and great tool it was for me to help trim and tone. I pick out exercises that I know I can and want to do, and it is amazing just how many there are out there. I can remember having over 60 or so different exercises in my old album, unfortunately, it got damaged in a flood in our basement, and I just never made another one. So I am going to start doing that tonight, and add to it as I find them in the different magazines I buy. Have a great night, all, and looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow!

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