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Originally Posted by Liliann View Post
Steelslady.....You are doing such remarkable efforts!! I am proud of you! Keep it up.

Trish....You are also doing wonderful...and glad that you staying strong..I know you will keep this going.

to the both of ya!!

Ladies...All day Monday was in major dealing with sciatica and in pain. I messed this day the worst. On Tuesday, I will begin tracking fiber, I miss breads and bagels and I just won't weigh in daily..just weekly. I was doing great till we had take out foods of chicken and fries..I knew I will spiked up, but never that high. Lesson learn.

I will start back up Tuesday....and sharing my fiber count..Thanks ladies for letting me vent. I am alone on this and good on having you along. I am a stay at home caregiver and now with my sicatica flare up, it makes it worst.

Keep on,keeping on ladies...WE CAN DO THIS!!! Have a high fiber Tuesday!
And I am so proud of YOU, Liliann!!!!! We will get this worked out for you, I promise! Hang in there, you deserve to lose this weight and feel great.

Since I joined this board, I have been one of your biggest silent cheerleaders. You are always so warm, caring, kind, encouraging to everyone- it's time someone took you under their wing and give it back to you. I remember a few years back when you explained your home situation (being a caretaker)- my heart just goes out to you. My sister has had mini strokes for years and now has dementia as a result of it. She has a genetic disorder (defect? mutation?- not sure I have the right word, sorry!) that unfortunately leaves her with dementia, and most people like my Dad and her, who have this, don't live past the age of 65. My Dad died when he was 64 (he didn't have dementia, thank goodness), and she is 60 years old now. She does not take good care of herself, and now I have to take care of her. Her kids are terrible- they hardly ever see her, and if it was up to them, she would be in an assisted living or nursing home. My kids are upset at times that I allowed her to move in with us, not because of her medical issues, but because she was very mean and abusive to me, even in front of them and my husband and friends.

Unfortunately, I was raised that we take care of our own, no matter what, and I would feel just horrible and guilty to see her in an assisted living or nursing home, all alone. I just can't do it. She has her good points, but those years when she was very mean and abusive to me, my kids can't get past it. However, they have been wonderful and very tolerant, even though they don't care for her. I also took care of my mother until she died 21 years ago, she was chronically ill with several medical problems, so hard as I was the only single child she had, so all of her care fell on me. Even after I got married and had a baby, I had to take care of her, too.

So, I hear you on the stress of taking care of loved ones- I have six of us to cook for and take care of (laundry, cleaning, etc), but one thing I learned this fall, after I got my sleep apnea under control and started feeling better was this- I HAVE to take good care of me, too! I deserve to be healthy and happy. I am happy with everything else in my life, but my weight. That's easy enough to fix, but it's going to take time and patience, lol. I am learning new things everyday on here and just researching all over the internet.

Speaking of learning new things- you inspired me to buy a NutriBullet today. I am going to try to make a natural diuretic smoothie and a berry smoothie once a day, while still following my high fiber plan. Thanks for mentioning this in the thread- I didn't know about the NutriBullet until you mentioned it in this thread. The one and only juicer I bought several years ago was awful- five pound of carrots, and all I got was 1/8-to 1/4 of a cup of juice, and meanwhile, the rest of the vegetable was in a waste container in the back of the machine after the juice was extracted. Talk about a waste of a vegetable and money- needless to say, I got rid of that juicer! I am very happy with what I have read about the NutriBullet and how it uses most of the entire fruits and vegetables (except for fruits that are pitted and some veggies have to be peeled, not many, though), including the seeds in most fruits and veggies, which have hidden nutrients! I can't wait to try it, even my husband, who has started this high fiber diet this past week after seeing my progress, can't wait to see what combinations I come up with! I bought some Asian pears, as someone suggested on here that they are high in fiber along with raspberries. Going to make a berry smoothie and a diuretic smoothie tomorrow- I will let you know how it works and tastes. Thanks again for suggesting it- sounds like this would be a great accompaniment to this plan.

I promise, we will get this weight off together- keep posting, tell us what is going on, and we'll get this sorted out. You have done amazing on this diet, just ride out the fluctuations as they will pass, I promise. We've all had to make tweaks and adjustments along the way- it is a learning process for sure, and time and patience will get us to our goal weight.

I hope you feel better, too- so sorry about the sciatica nerve acting up. I never had issues with it until my first pregnancy. I don't know what was worse for me, the pain, or the collapsing when it would act up. I actually fell and crashed to the floor one day in front of my nurse, it just gave out that fast, no warning, and then sitting or walking was just awful. I've only had a few boughts with it, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow morning and pain free. So glad you are back, I really want to see you be happy and succeed- you deserve this!

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