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Today I turned 50 and so officially can lurk around on this thread, . Not Irish either (Italian plus Canadian back to the 1500's) but I was wearing my Emerald Green boyshort undies. Just couldn't flash them at anybody though!

Today was a major expenses day... Hubby starts his work season tomorrow, so it was work truck insurance, business licence renewal, etc, etc... I cringe when I think about the bank account, but that will soon be refilled. DH said he never realized how much money I made when I was working, until this winter without ANY income. This winter did kinda hurt a little; I might rethink my 'retirement'. Much as I love him, I'll be glad he's back to work as he can be hard to keep occupied. He's always wanting to do something or work on some project or go out for some exercise (admittedly not bad things) but I like to relax with a book once in a while and spend some more time with my gal pals.

Tomorrow I go for a major haircut (just for fun) - something way funky I saw in Elle magazine a few months ago. I haven't had a style revamp for a long time. If I hate it, it'll grow back soon enough hahahaha

If anyone is on Facebook take a look at BAR Salons after noon (cut is at 9) and my pics before & after should be there. Going for a colour change probably too, but not for a little while. A rich Burgundy is too hard to keep looking fresh - fades fast - maybe back to my natural dark blonde (with root hiding help of course)


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