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I think I'm losing it!
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Tafadhali, Is the injury you're dealing with part of the running accident that happened to you? Ugh! It's just a shame that even happened! Honestly, you must be one strong lady to have come through that and still want to run. God bless you! I don't think I've ever had the kind of feeling in my tendons that you describe, but as I was reading it, I wondered if massage would help. Then, you said you had a foam roller, and with the right angle, that would be a good massage. Is there a physical therapist you could ask for advice?

MagicSusan & LilMiss - I live in high humidity every day. We get only a handful of dry days a year (my hair loves those days!). I'll be interested to see how the humidity affects you. It seems normal to me. lol

Hi Elladorine! You can run along with us! You and BigChiefHoHo might need jogging strollers!

Silverfire & Rated, are y'all OK? Just checking...

Tonight I did W7D1 -- it's a straight 25 minutes again. It wasn't that difficult, surprisingly. The first 5 minutes were probably the hardest , but I kept a steady pace, so that I didn't really sweat and I could turn up the speed when she said I only had 1 minute to go. So, I'm really starting to think that I'm running too slowly. But, then, I guess this is where you make those adjustments and go onward and upward, right? I've been happy just to finish so far, and I've kept the pace slow to avoid crashing before the finish line. Tonight I did just over 15 laps in 25 minutes. I need to do the math to see if I increased my speed from when I did W5D3. It seemed faster tonight...well see.

Happy running folks!

Losing again since January 2012

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