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Hi GGs! I had a busy day here at home. Didn't go to the gym because I knew I was going to get a workout with my carpet cleaner! I cleaned the family room....figured one room at a time was the best I could do, and I made the right decision. Had no trouble pushing it around but between moving furniture, dusting, vacuuming, shampooing carpet and upholstery(changing water 3x) and replacing furniture, I was TIRED and I only moved the easy things. Not all the stains came out of either the carpet or the upholstery but perhaps with a few more cleaning it'll do better and it still looks better than before. I usually have it professionally clean and I'm tired of waiting for them and paying and them trying to upsell me etc. I think this will be better and I'll get a workout too!
Dh was working outside the whole time. It was pouring but he was undercover most of the time...trying to stay out of my way. LOL

Today's eating
pb mocha frappe - protein, carb and fat

egg sandwich - protein, carb and fat
baby carrots - free

pm snack
pb mocha frappe - forgot to cut the milk in 1/2 for a snack but it is only 1/2 cup - protein, carb and fat

dinner will be:
Swiss steak (beef and veggies) protein, veggies are free
Potato - 1/2 med. - carb
Smart Balance - no more than 1 T - fat
ETA: Also had a salad - free

Gonna really try not to eat tonight. I wish now I'd had fruit for my pm snack.
Sometimes I just don't think and auto go to the frappe.

wannabe - this morning I opened the door to take out the trash and our alarm went off but I got it shut off quickly so no call from company. It happens and they have always been kind.

Lynn - so sorry 1-1-1 hasn't worked out for you. was it something you didn't like or you didn't lose weight on it? I haven't lost (up and down) but for me it's enough that I like that my bs as now good and I do enjoy eating this way. Evenings are the only hard part but I was doing fine and think I can do it again. But realize everyone is different. I know how disciplined you are so know you will find a way to lose those last few pounds. Wish that was all I had to lose!

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