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mainecyn thanks again for the encouraging words :-) i know wat u mean about ppl judging non skinny ppl and not thinking skinny ppl r unhealthy wen eating junk-thats wat ppl dont realise-being thin doesnt mean ur healthy!
my boyf eats junk all day and does no excersise at all-to me he is not overweight but the statistics say he is-i dont personally go by official statistics,if i feel good in general and fit etc and eating healthy food getting nutrients etc-so basically happy then thats better than goin by a reading on a scale!
talking of numbers i had a good result this week-lost 3lbs and 1/2 inch off my waist so im glad that im managing to make progress!shame my boyf wasnt v supportive-as usual-about my good result tho-he had a go at me about making sure wen i reach my target i stay there and dont binge to gain weight-he thinks its easy to just not eat-he dont get that everyday i want to eat what he has and more and not have to count cals etc-just told him not to b so patronising and that its my health and my body!he cant expect me never to eat treats ever again in my life!of course i dont want to binge and i know i need to learn how to enjoy food in moderation but i know for me thats goin to take time to work out...but we will all get there :-)
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