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Steelslady.....You are doing such remarkable efforts!! I am proud of you! Keep it up.

Trish....You are also doing wonderful...and glad that you staying strong..I know you will keep this going.

to the both of ya!!

Ladies...All day Monday was in major dealing with sciatica and in pain. I messed this day the worst. On Tuesday, I will begin tracking fiber, I miss breads and bagels and I just won't weigh in daily..just weekly. I was doing great till we had take out foods of chicken and fries..I knew I will spiked up, but never that high. Lesson learn.

I will start back up Tuesday....and sharing my fiber count..Thanks ladies for letting me vent. I am alone on this and good on having you along. I am a stay at home caregiver and now with my sicatica flare up, it makes it worst.

Keep on,keeping on ladies...WE CAN DO THIS!!! Have a high fiber Tuesday!
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