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Originally Posted by karkrazy13 View Post
Well, I am one of those people who follow the guidelines... you are allowed one restricted item a day, and my Quest bar is my restricted item.

When I respond to people regarding the Quest bars, it's just to let them know that they can still lose weight even if they have one a day (which is allowed on this protocol). Sometimes people need a restricted item to get them through the day or week. Since it's allowed, I don't see what the problem is... I always seem to get negative responses from one member, and I don't know why... maybe I'm missing something?
There is NO problem having one restricted item per day, you are right. In fact, IP was designed to include one each day for everyone.

The comments shared were not to dissuade anyone either from using alternatives, nor having a restricted item. 100% OP includes both scenarios and just about everyone here stands by that!

What was being pointed out was simply that when choosing restricted or non-restricted items, one has to look at the carb/sugar content, the fat content AND the calorie content. Each of those has IP comparable guidelines and tells you if an item is non-restricted, restricted or non-compliant.

Some Quest bars are too high on at least one of these items to be used daily and still be IP compliant. (Super restricted quest bars, of which there are a few, would be on the high side of one of these items and would be more wisely used 1-2 times per week.)

So the caution wasn't to not use Quest, it was just to be sure everyone knows to consider all three factors when selecting bars.

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