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Originally Posted by FreeBird3 View Post
Okay, I'll be the one who calls the B.S. card on this topic. Having been slender and overweight while having self-esteem issues being at either extreme, I can say that being slender definitely attracts the majority of men verses being overweight. Talking purely on physical attraction and sex (not relationships), being a slender woman trumps being an overweight woman. It is what it is. It is unfair, but it's the truth!

Everyone has a different definition of what being slender is (i.e, BMI, weight/pounds/stones, waist size, etc.). I wasn't confident when I was slender yet many attractive to average looking men approached me because I was slender. Now that I'm overweight, I rarely get any attention from men.

I don't buy this whole "confidence is what attracts them" mentality at all.

I kinda agree here...

I think some women are beautiful no matter what their weight, even at heavier weights they can just still pull off looking beautiful/attractive and still get attention from men. I don't think I'm one of them, weight goes on my face, stomach...and I'm not "curvy", I just think I'm not attractive at higher weights. BMI has nothing to do with if you look attractive or not. It's said men are visual, so if a woman looks good then men aren't going to worry about her BMI.

Other women seemed to have met their significant other through work, friends, school, etc...

I probably could of met a man at my higher weight, but I didn't go places to meet them. And I lacked the confidence to go on dating sites and go on dates that way. I am getting more attention from men now. Many years ago when I got down to 130lbs-140lbs I also got alot of attention... just I think I look better with less fat on my face and being on the tall/slender side.Not sure if it's really confidence, because at the moment I still don't dress up or fix my hair to "look good".

And to be fair, you have not attractive, overweight guys that still expect to have a Barbie doll...While being called beautiful/attractive is nice, I wouldn't want those men that only date someone for their looks either
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