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Battling Binge Eating
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Originally Posted by worththeeffort2 View Post
Mainecyn, it sounds like you're going through a lot but congratulations for not giving in the ex's request to basically sign off on receiving any child support. He sounds like a real tool. Keep the pressure up on him. His child needs shoes. Just keep reminding him of that.

Sorry to learn that you've been so sick. I had something similar that went on 4 weeks before the antibiotics finally took hold and I started feeling better. I've lost weight mostly because I've lost a lot of water. It sounds to me like the fluid in your lungs maybe part of what is registering as a weight gain. You're retaining fluids, that's all. Once the fluids are absorbed and processed through by your body, what looks like a gain on the scale will be gone again.

You have so much going on in your life, just staying focused and sticking to your program is tough, I'm sure, but you're doing a good job. Keep reminding yourself of that, each time you make a good choice. Give yourself that positive affirmation that you need.

I have been sticking to my program, though my calorie intake has been up by 150+/- calories over the last week. No increase in carbs but I've been relying on higher-fat meats and nut butter for not feeling like preparing salads and other vegetables. I need to get back to low-fat meats and stop eating almond butter. Now that my sinus infection has cleared up and I feel better, I'll start my workout routine again this weekend and spend time prepping low carb vegetables for the week ahead. With any luck, that will boost my weight loss over the coming week.

I can relate, the sinus infection issue is awful. I have the last of that clearing up, as well as the lungs. What is odd is even with antibiotics, and as time passes, I've noticed that sinus wise some days are better than others, how about you? I have alot of "drainage" at times during the day while I'm active, then at night before bed my head gets stuffy again, the headache comes and I find myself in the shower again trying to let the steam and heat help. My son has major sinus pain and headache going on with the last of his cold as well. The sinuses can lead to so many issues and it seems to take a long time for it to clear up.

Great idea on getting some prep work done. I know I can eat more veggies if I pay attention to having them on hand and easy to grab. I broke down last week and purchased a bag of fresh broccoli florets. I don't normally buy them in the bag all prepared like that, but I knew if I did I would actually eat them and not leave it in the fridge to spoil. I like taking a large handful of the broccoli and I dip it in Cesar salad dressing like chips and dip. This way I am getting my veggies, fiber and vitamins. The salad dressing helps to give it some kind of taste, and the added fat helps. I could eat plain veggies 24 hours a day and they don't do much for me as far as controlling appetite or taste good without a dip. Since I eat a lower carb diet, the dip and fat are allowed. I also use pea pods, and baby carrots. I can eat the carrots by the bag full, plain, if I'm not careful.

Some of the weight gain could be more and more water weight, your right. I know I couldn't get my rings off my fingers before, and still can't. I have upped the amount of water I am drinking today and hoping it might help. Who knows. I like to think so. I have not let myself get onto my bathroom scale and analyses my weight because I know its a horrible idea. The entire weight and eating thing are tied together-if the scale goes up I am more likely to eat and binge eat out of depression.

X, well thats a subject that never gets better. I know a lot of people complain about X spouses, or how terrible they are, how crazy or self centered they are etc, but in my case it is true. I spend years in silence with mental abuse, and unfaithful husband, his substance abuse and him running all over the place at all hours of the day and night with my kids and I at home. I can remember the judge in court saying how worthless, self centered, and manipulative, he was. Lets put it this way, his mother and grandmother volunteered to speak on my behalf on why he shouldn't have unsupervised visits, or custody. When he walked out, it was 6 months before heard from him again, he also "left" his parents etc. no contact with them either. There has been very limited contact with him until now that he wants something and needs someone to take care of him. I get stressed and ticked off. He needs someone to take him everywhere..43 years old and he hasn't had a car that runs in months. I am to the point of wanting to tell him you know what, I'm not bringing the kids to you anymore. I take them to him and pick them up.

I had to spend time around X yesterday at a birthday gathering at my former inlaws last night. I was so ready to leave, listening to his crap, how he knows everything even tho the info he gives is incorrect, and his obnoxious laugh. ugh..Anyway, I sat thru this for almost 2 hours, didn't over eat, didn't obsess over kids and I wished their grandmother happy birthday and headed home. I was a little stressed when I got home but I made myself really pay attention and not let the idea of eating be an answer. I always turn to food, and I can't seem to just naturally turn to anything else. I was grumpy and emotional last night even hours later and I'm afraid it kind of came thru last night with my husband.

Another few days of not binge eating. I will take it. I thought I'd really feel stronger as time goes on but I still don't trust myself. Does anyone else feel like this? I hope that eventually food wont be the very first thing that pops into my mind as an answer-happy, sad, mad, stress, etc.

im now on my 21st day binge free from junk but still not cut down completely on having too much fruit!but my theory is that better than chocolate isnt it..
It is! If you have to pick I would think it is much better to eat something healthy compared to eating anything with processed sugar, right? You are doing great, 21 days. I know so many people that can not make it thru the day without eating some kind of sugar or salty fat stuff like chips etc. My husband is skinny, but he has a "sweet tooth" and eats some form of candy, ice cream, donuts, etc each and every day. What upsets me is how is it someone like my skinny husband can eat this type of garbage and a dr doesn't tell him he shouldn't or should limit it? If he was over weight they would harp on him to stop eating these things-also have you noticed socially that people are way quicker to judge people like me or other over weight people if you see them with donuts, candy etc, yet if you are skinny no one ever thinks anything about it..if I went work every day with a donut like my husband does you know for a fact that someone would think to themselves "no wonder she is over weight look at what she eats"..but my husband, every day a doughnut, sugar laced coffee, and then candy at night or dessert..

Long morning at work today as I am trying to catch up on a weeks worth of things I have sitting on my desk, and keep up with the current work as well. I worked 5 hours, then took my lunch break. I ran to the store to pick up soup for my daughter and a few items, then came home and got started on preparing dinner so it can just go into the oven when my husband gets home. I prepared a large pan of pan fried potatoes to go with it (for them), unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the counters, gathered laundry, and now I'm getting ready to go back to work.
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