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circa, congratulations on meeting the mini goal.

npo, I take the lowest number on the scale and call it! I love gardening too.

Desper8-maintaining is a huge part of this thing. Hang in there. Hope your studying pays off.

I am under ALOT of stress. Nobody seems to understand. I have no one to talk to. My relationship is just there after 9 years.--and I wonder when it will come to the breaking point, but I hope to God that we will receive some breakthrough. Basically, he wants to end it all because I promised God I would name my son Seth, and I did. He's pissed off now. I tried to name our first boy Seth, and he threatened to leave me then--but then we made a deal I could name our next son Seth. So 2 weeks before the baby is born--he breaks the deal. "I want to name him Kenneth".

Well, Ok? So much for compromise and making promises with me? I feel numb most of the time. I have a 3 month old, a 2 year old, and he sucks as a dad, because his focus is on the baby's name and he can't see the forest for the trees. I keep hoping he will wake up and realize the GOOD things he has!

plus my teenager is putting me through alot of stress doing things he shouldn't do.

my focus is on my health (fat loss) and on keeping up the house and keeping my job. (stress there too). I keep trying to reach out to my partner but he rejects everything I do, if there is no name change. I don't want to break my promise, because my Faith is a HUGE part of me. But I don't want him to be miserable. I honestly don't know what to do? If he really was a loser, I would leave him. But he is a decent hard working man and CAN be a good dad.

But at least I can report I did hit my mini goal of 209. Now if I could just steadily see that number, I would be happy.
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