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xRiotgirl – sugar free jello is something my friend recommended to me a while ago. She makes up a batch and has it in her fridge for emergencies and I started to do it too. You can also freeze it for a fruity chewy ice cube snack!

Marli, that sounds like one tough work out!! Eyes bulging! Glad you can see the funny side of it now!

Jodoto!! So glad to see you here!!

Elladorine – great work, the pictures say it all! Congrats!! Hope you get better soon and can start again with the C25K, sounds like you’re raring to go!!

Olivia, great to hear you're ready to hit the treadmill, enjoy!!!

I was worried about a gain this week as it's my TOM but I am down 0.5, so not bad! I am being good but so far it feels like this is my plan now, I'm not craving the things I used to so much and food tastes a lot more salty to me now so I can enjoy foods without the water gain you get with a salt overload!

Good luck for all of you weighing in today!

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