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Originally Posted by jendilly View Post
Happy Monday to all! Here I am again...regretting some VERY poor choices again. SOOOO mad. I know that I need to be 100% to truly succeed. I know that that is the only way (obviously I can't handle even being 99%. I know what needs to be done, now I need to have the solid will power and strength to make that happen again.

Could use any positive energy you could send my way. Going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and move forward.
I think emptying your cupboard of everything, and I mean everything, that is not IP is a good idea - both cathartic and makes your planning choices ones you can follow because there are no goodies. I speak from experience because I have been known to take my granddaughter's Nerds and Skittles, neither of which I like!

I wish I had the magic answer, but perhaps it is a bit different for each one of us. For me what seems to have worked is to just try for ONE perfect day. I tell myself I can do anything for one day, yes? I have self talks reminding myself that I am stronger than that and it is only ONE day. I h=only have to be strong enough for now to tackle this particular moment. When that passes, and it generally does, I go onto the next time I want to cheat and do the same thing.

The repeat the next day and the next and it seems to get easier. This is not an issue that goes away easily but for those who have lost successfully on IP, you are the proof that you can do this. You are not weak, you are capable and strong and this moment, whenever it strikes, it but an instant, and we can all stay strong for an instant?

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