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Happy Monday to all! Here I am again...regretting some VERY poor choices again. I hate that I'm going through this, but the support here has been wonderful. Yep...cheated again yesterday. My daughter had a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend yesterday. A handful of peanut m&ms here, and few bites of cake there, a big handful of chips there...just kept picking at stuff. WHY?!?!?! Why do I do this to myself? I was so good for the first 10 weeks on IP, never once snuck a bite of anything. Yet now, I feel like every few days, I'm grabbing something I shouldn't and then somehow justifying it with "well it wasn't just a couple bites, not a huge cheat." ANY cheat is a huge cheat, because it leads to more little bites that all add up. I'm so darn frustrated with myself right now. I'm sure I went out of ketosis and now will have to get back in...just like I did last week. SOOOO mad. I know that I need to be 100% to truly succeed. I know that that is the only way (obviously I can't handle even being 99%). I know what needs to be done, now I need to have the solid will power and strength to make that happen again.

On the plus side, my fitbit is keeping me motivated to move. I did over 5000 steps the last two days. No rain today, just sunny blue skies, so I think I'll get back out and get motivated.

I'm going to dive into my Made to Crave 60 Day Devotional and get some inspiration there. I caught up on my Ideal Protein videos that get sent to me everyday...hadn't watched them in a week. I will fight through the battles of the cheats. Got rid of all the leftover candy and chips in the house to rid me of the temptations.

Could use any positive energy you could send my way. Going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and move forward.

Working hard to get to my tropical vacation!
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