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Good Morning! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's 27 degrees. The weatherman says 60 this afternoon but I'll believe that when I feel it! Balanced at church and no mistakes on the computer that I had to go back and fix. I stopped at the grocery store for a couple things I wanted fresh for tonight, and picked up the gift shop money which will wait until tomorrow. I've got a few last minute things to do and will defur furniture around supper time.

Maggie -- You could share your warm weather! It's great that you have the tools and can cut a new glass straw. I bet Will will miss his museum time once you are on the move again.

"Gma" -- on another pound gone forever! At the airport security I don't think I would mind the dog sniffing, the scanner, or getting my hands checked, but I wouldn't like the pat down either. They say there are security agents who just people watch looking for specific actions, facial expressions, etc. You really got a good deal on jeans! A specialized bra store just opened in Sioux City and the article mentioned fashion bras from Europe, as well as large sizes mentioning a G cup. I didn't know there was such a thing.

I need to finish my " to do" list and get laundry going. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday!
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