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Good morning to you all. Happy St Patrick's Day! It is chilly here this morning and cloudy, but the rain has passed through so I am hoping for a warm up and sunny skies soon.

Jack had a 90 minute rehab then had to go to the dr and will probably be released back to full duty though he isn't really ready for it. He has no say in it. He said he thought what has been causing him pain the last few days was a pulled muscle so he put the heating pad on his back rib area and took some advil and that seemed to work for him. He said that pain is gone. I am hoping this rehab doesn't make the pain worse as he can't take the pain meds at work for sure.

Kelly's family is heading home today from their vacation. Looks like they had a good time except for Tom's spill on the Segway thing. She says she got a pat down and had to go through one of those naked scanners at the Palm Beach airport, which she wasn't happy about.

We got the commissary shopping done yesterday and I carried in most of it and put it away. Ugh, what a job that way. Jack usually is my carry in person, but he just can't do it at the moment. We are good for a couple weeks again. I really need to straighten my pantry and my cupboard that holds food, but I will get around to it I guess. Jack has to help me with the cupboard as I am too short to get clear to the top.

I ordered 2 pair of blue jeans from the same place I got them last time. They had a buy one get one 1/2 off for St Patrick's Day and I had a coupon for 20% off plus free shipping so I saved $50 total, which isn't bad! I had to buy two more shapers for the cruise as the 3 I have are deteriorating, ie have holes beginning in them. I will wear the old ones here at home and take the new ones on the cruise. I also bought 4 new bras and saved a bit on one of them, but not a lot. I get tired of only being able to buy white ones and found that Glamorize had some pretty colors in my size so bought a pale blue and a pale pink then bought a beige one and a white one so am all set with them too. I couldn't figure out why the ones I had gapped so badly and seemed too big, but I looked at the tags and they were 4 band sizes bigger. I don't know if they sent the wrong ones last time or I had a brain goo and ordered the wrong sizes. I know my credit card is showing 3 authorizations for just the one purchase, but I can't do anything until they either fall off or are paid then issue a fraud claim. Our bank has a new software program and they haven't worked out all the kinks for online stuff so it may be that too.

Jean: I have an online knitting friend who lives in Maryland and they got 4" or so. She wasn't happy about it. Spring can't come too early for me that's for sure. I am ready for capris and sandals. Hope your meatloaf was good. I would love to have bell pepper in my meatloaf, but Jack won't eat it that way so have to do what I can that he will eat.

Maggie: I can't put my head under water to snorkel for one thing. I have a lot of trouble with my ears. I am not really interested in that anyway. I will swim above the water and let him enjoy the snorkeling. He is thinking of our next trip getting scuba diving trained, but I told him only if he gets a complete release from his cardiologist would I let him do that.

You gals have a nice start to your week. I am down 1 lb this week, which is ok, but I need to start working on it a lot harder. Faye
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