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Okay - I am back with a fresh start.

I have had a rough couple of weeks and am back up to 156.

What I have discovered is that, although the GM does help you to stop feeling hungry, it doesn't help you to beat the psychological effect of dieting. you still feel deprived and you still crave the stuff you know you can't have , simply because you can't have it.

So when you go mad and eat loads of bad stuff - even if you don't feel hungry - guess what: you put weight on!!

And what was worse, I wasn't even taking the GM during these last two weeks, so I didn't even benefit from the stated side-effect that it prevented you from absorbing some of the calories even if you weren't restricting your diet.

I think the stuff needs to come with a label - Warning: willpower still required.

Anyway, I am still down 12 lb overall so it hasn't been a total waste of time. And today marks the start of Phase 2.

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