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Ha! Well, I may regret saying this, but w3d1 wasn't too bad. Again, I think part of it is that even though the runs are longer (1.5, 2.5, 2.5, 1.5) there are only four of them, so it's not so hard to push through. Also, the 2.5 min of walkies between the two long running periods seemed really long. I kept thinking, can I run now? Is it time to run again? I therefore award myself the dancing broccoli and hope it doesn't turn out to be premature when I collapse on Friday

25 minutes! Lol on the mountaintops, Awshucks. Alas, it does happen from time to time, but I am not too near the alps, though I can (in clear weather) see them from my patch of forest... I'm not leaving for another two weeks- I'm interested to see how the running goes on holiday- lower elevation, more humidity... hmmm...

Tafadhali! 3FC has made a big difference to me- I also hang in the 40+ thread as well. I only started posting in this thread a few weeks back when I decided it was time to run. Good luck on taking up the running again, but since you're already on week five, it sounds as if you're doing very well Anway, about prepping: I went for a walk (about 5k, about 100m elevation change) several times a week for months before I started running. Then I ran the first two weeks in a figure eight in my living/dining room and after that started over with w1d1 outside, since real terrain is harder to negotiate than hardwood floors Sounds to me as if you were certainly adequately prepared!

BigChiefHoHo, sounds like a good idea, the distance vs time thing for your particular goal. For me, it doesn't matter so much, and since I've finally got my recalcitrant app to work properly, I'll just stick to that. When (if) I finish (survive) the app, I will still have a few things to work on. Where I am jogging right now is pretty flat- not running up any big hills. So I was thinking of going back a couple of weeks and incorporating hills, but I really won't know till I get there how best to proceed. The other thing is improving speed. Susan<

Lilmisschattabox, glad to see you haven't been transformed into a human kite I'm curious to see how the humidity will effect me as well!

Hello Elladorine! Congrats and welcome! I also never reckoned myself a runner- but I find myself enjoying it now because I don't have to compete with anyone but myself. I'm using 5krunner.

Hello to everyone else, see you all on Wednesday!

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