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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
RosiePosie - I almost get chills reading your story - I kept waiting to read words that you "had" to eat this or that off OP for whatever reason and that never happened! Congratulations on staying the course and being thoughtful regardless of what challenges you faced.

It can be kind of a fun game sometimes to navigate and evening like that and discover that you CAN do it. One thing I have learned from OP is that it is OK to "make a fuss" when it comes to getting the food you need. When they offer to make that salad, just gush how sweet that is of them to offer, accept, and ask them to prepare it the way it needs to be!

Part of being successful on IP is learning to stand up for your health and your life by politely asking for what you need. I am always very grateful and thankful to places that do that and my waiters always see my gratitude expressed when the bill comes!

Job well done and a nice clean head and mind and body the next day. What a victory!
Thanks for the kind words Schenectady. It was actually easier than I had expected. I think what is keeping me on the straight and narrow is not only putting myself behind by a couple of days in the weight loss but also the whole cost of IP. Alternatives is not an option for me due to high import costs so I don't want to waste any money at all!! It's the accountant in me working out the daily cost of IP. Sad but true!!!

How is the move going?
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