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Originally Posted by kris2008 View Post
I'm new at this and read about it pretty much all weekend. You have Bernstein who says 12 carbs at breakfast, 20 at lunch and 20 at dinner. You have ADA says 130 carbs a day. I guess I'll start with a moderate approach and see how that works.

My plan is 3 meals. Carbs not to exceed 30 each meal. Protein, fiber and fat at every meal. Not stuffed, pleasantly full. Drink water in between. Plan exercise twice a day. I need to learn not to eat all day. I think my pancreas needs a rest and shouldn't have to be processing food all the time.

Sound like a plan? What is MFP?
I read something that said up to 30 per meal, but I read so many things I get confused. I do know that lower carbs work better for me weight wise. I need to work on my protein and fiber though. I drink all of my water and more most days. They say 6 small meals is the way to go. Have you been sent to a registered dietitian? I got to see one when I had gestational diabetes in 1996 but the insurance after that has yet to pay for one, so I look up my own info and use the information received from the ladies here, trial and error has been my way. MFP is you record your meals, water, exercise on there. Just shows you all of your info at a glance. There's also fitday, fatsecret, loseit and I am sure others you could use also.

It will be good to have someone with the same stats to work with and I know from the past and doing this that you will do well. Everyone I have teamed up with in the past four years has left me in the dust and are now in maintenance. I'm just the one that slacks off. I weigh daily and count calories as well as every other nutrient, lol. We'll have fun
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