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Originally Posted by 1LittleStar View Post
Hi Jo!!

Looks like you are doing great! I'm thinking about a fitbit too, which one did you get?

Hope your transition is going well. Must be a bit scary to switch from what you know.

Star!!! I missed you - glad to see you back!!! Looking forwarding to "seeing" you around! What alternatives are you going with? I've incorporated a few as well.

I went with the Fitbit Flex, not the popular choice, lots of people don't seem to like that it goes on their wrist, not sure why. I don't wear a watch so it's not a big deal to me. I got one for my son too - he loves his! I also ended up ordering a pink replacement band - I don't mind the slate blue but I love, love, love pinks and purples

The transition isn't so bad, after my trip to Mexico I realized that I enjoyed (and needed) an IP break and now that I'm that much closer to my goal, it's not so intimidating to try something new. The products are very similar as well which helps.

Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
NSV for the weekend

I got a shipment of clearance clothes from Coldwater Creek yesterday. Returning most of it because it's too big! You know what fit? The slim cut items. What??
Only a few short years ago when I ordered from them, things showed up too small!
That is so great, Lisa! I automatically go for the largest sizes of things then remember - those aren't going to fit anymore. I went to a hockey game last Wednesday and my favourite jersey is getting to the point of being way too big on me, kind of sad about that but happy that I'll get a new one.

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