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I read an article recently about sodium and cheese was one of the higher sodium items.

I'll have to see if I can find the article that talks about if you're craving certain things there are other foods you can eat that will get rid of the cravings.

As usual, I agree with Ian, healthy proteins, like an egg will make you feel fuller, satisfied, which kills the craving. I've been known to eat a tin of smoked oysters, sometimes that does it for me. I will admit though, to sometimes eating an oz. of cheese because that satisfies some cravings for me, I'm partial to pepperjack cheese, I just eat the cheese, no cracker or whatever, sometimes eating low carb for awhile will lessen the pull of carbs for me.

Sometimes an avocado will satisfy, healthy fat, definitely Wendy's or other fast food won't do it. They're engineered to make you want to come back and eat more, that's the business they're in. I limit those kinds of things to the weekend like Wannabeskinny mentioned, restricting foods can actually make them more appealing, don't let them have power over you.

I absolutely do what StephanieAZ suggests, saying I can have it tomorrow or on the weekend really, really helps me, I'm not saying no, just not right now, it gives me a chance to think about WHY I want something.

Best of luck to you, keep working at it, you'll figure it out
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