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Default Size 8 jeans today! (size 15 to size 8)

hope this provides some inspiration!
What do you guys think? Do you think I can get down to a size 4? I still have quite the gut on me because I'm apple-shaped and store fat in my midsection. I never have hips or butt, even when fat.
What do you think my perfect size might be? Ugh, I wish I knew so I could focus on that as my goal!

Those are my Size 15 jeans from September 2013. I'll definitely continue to keep a pair for comparison pictures and to remind myself how fat I was.
I can zip a Size 6 closed currently, but they are skin-tight. Size 8 is comfortable.

I've never worn a size 8. I remember wearing a size 10 in middle school, size 12 in high school, and then size 15 in college. The last time I was perfectly thin was in 4th grade. Starting in middle school, my weight slowly increased each year until I ended up in size 15 at 216lbs.

39" hips
37" waist, widest part at the belly button
31.5" waist, narrowest part at the bend in your torso

According to numerous websites, despite my healthy BMI, a waist size greater than 35 inches is considered high risk and unhealthy.

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