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Originally Posted by Joan View Post
Glad to see this thread still going. I am still stuck in the stupid 60s, wondering if I'll ever get out. I Zumba hard 3-4 times a week, and do eat healthy/organic, just a little too much.
I hate that I'm really going to have to cut back significantly if I want to really LOSE as opposed to stay right where I am.
I hate that too!! I feel like my diet has become super healthy, and I'm probably losing an oz a week!! ugh, frustrating!

How long have you been in the 160s? the 170s were brutal for me, I swear it's my "comfy" region, so I'm doing anything I can to not get back there!!

I was 168 today! I had a cheat meal yesterday though, surprised I'm not higher today!

Starting measurements
8/23/12--->42-37-45 (200lbs)
10/4/12--->41-37-44 (190lbs)
4/09/13--->40-36-42 (180lbs)
5/18/13--->40-34-42 (170lbs)
3/01/14--->40-34-42 (170lbs)
9/15/14--- (173lbs)
1/8/15---> 40-35-43 (179lbs)
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