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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
I didn't trust myself at first and was very slow to tell people. I told DH because of the expense. I did not allow myself to post on the 100% thread until I had been on the diet for a month because I did not trust myself. I was even telling myself, "another diet?".
If eating less and moving more had worked for me I would've lost a long time ago. I have insulin resistance and it takes the very low carb for me to lose weight. It also took a very structured program for me to lose the weight. I was doing pretty low carb and maintaining 260.

Stop stressing. Stress increases cortisol and cortisol reduces weight-loss. It is a bad combo. Good luck!
Thanks for the encouragement.......I know I have to feel confident in what I'm doing but I feel like a failure if I don't follow through or "get it done" What amazes me is when people quit smoking and relapse then they just say "never quit quitting" I wish I could feel that about trying to lose weight and people say "never quit trying" Anyway I am going to be strong and try not to care what everyone thinks......this may be all in my head and not reality. My DH does want me lose weight and be healthy and he has always been supportive. My girlfriend I'm afraid will say "oh no don't diet when I'm here on vacation" Cause she will want me to eat what she eats. Aghhhh!!!
I'm going to say "if I was an alcoholic would you insist that I drink with you?"
Wish me luck......I love this forum and all the people on here!!! I know this is going to work for me this time!
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