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Originally Posted by Rubygirl View Post
I'm from Moosomin originally but live at Katepwa Lake north of Indian Head and because I'm very fortunate I spend some of the winter in Arizona
Hi to both of you from Winnipeg

Annik - you look amazing! Congrats on hitting the 100 mark

Hi everybody! Been a busy past few weeks transitioning to a new routine at work but hopefully, it'll slow down a bit now - ha!

Still going strong 100% OP on the Ideal Protein/Pro Energy diet transition. It's been an interesting combination - enjoying some of the PE stuff, they have really good honey nut and cinnamon and vanilla cereals (no white powder, add water - you have these with milk or almond milk in my case) and bars but I do like the IP bars better. Have been really enjoying the BBQ and sea salt and vinegar unrestricted chips though

Had family over for supper last night and made a pork tenderloin, hash brown casserole (for them), roasted Brussels sprouts and green beans - yum! They all enjoyed the roasted veggies, it always seems funny to me that food I prepare because it's the way I have to have it seems really good to everyone else, don't know why?!

I have also really been enjoying the Fitbit - very interesting seeing the numbers on the screen. I know I walked a lot at work but seeing how I easily do 10,000 steps a day is great. I don't walk as much on the weekend but I have taken to doing a bit of jogging (inside at the moment, way too icy and yucky outside still) to get those numbers up. The sleep patterns are interesting too - definitely can see when I've had a bad sleep by how many times I'm awake or restless.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say "hi"!

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