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Originally Posted by RosiePosie101 View Post
Happy weekend everyone! I went to a gala ball last night. I managed to fit into my ball dress which I haven't worn for oh, maybe five years. Last time I wore it, it was a bit tight. This time, I was a little concerned that if I moved too enthusiastically on the dance floor, I may show everyone a little more of me than is decently acceptable! Luckily that didn't happen.

I had great plans to eat beforehand so I didn't have to rely on the food there but simply ran out of time racing back from work and getting ready. I managed to navigate the food ok, though. I said no to the starter of pumpkin soup by saying I didn't like pumpkin. They offered to bring me a salad instead, which in hindsight I should have said yes to but I didn't want to cause a fuss! The main was sweet potatoe mash (avoided that) with beef (avoided the gravy) and asparagus. I know the asparagus didn't give me my full 2C quota of vegetables and I'm pretty sure it was cooked in butter etc but I've built a bridge about it and moved on. The dessert was chocolate lava cake. Oh it smelt good. I used my fork to push it around my plate but didn't eat any of it. That was a big victory for me as I am a notorious dessert eater. I've been known to just order desserts at restaurants and I always used to ask for the dessert menu first so I could check it out before ordering my main!

I drank a couple of glasses of club soda and filled my spare glass up with water. I'm pretty sure no-one even noticed. It looked like vodka and sprite to most people.

There are several great benefits from not drinking, I've discovered. Firstly, I don't have to pay for a cab home and secondly, I wake up on Saturday morning early and don't have that fog from having a couple of wines the night before. I'm going to head to the supermarket to get my shopping in before the Saturday rush crowd. OMG. I just read that last line and realized that I sounded exactly like my Mother. Oh geez!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend.
RosiePosie - I almost get chills reading your story - I kept waiting to read words that you "had" to eat this or that off OP for whatever reason and that never happened! Congratulations on staying the course and being thoughtful regardless of what challenges you faced.

It can be kind of a fun game sometimes to navigate and evening like that and discover that you CAN do it. One thing I have learned from OP is that it is OK to "make a fuss" when it comes to getting the food you need. When they offer to make that salad, just gush how sweet that is of them to offer, accept, and ask them to prepare it the way it needs to be!

Part of being successful on IP is learning to stand up for your health and your life by politely asking for what you need. I am always very grateful and thankful to places that do that and my waiters always see my gratitude expressed when the bill comes!

Job well done and a nice clean head and mind and body the next day. What a victory!

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