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Originally Posted by drd1961 View Post
When I was first put on meds for Graves I was put on what I now know, way to high of a dose. When your resting heart rate is 40 and you are fighting falling to sleep on the drive to work and your hair loses all of its luster and falls out, you know there is a problem. That is when I quit weighing at all. It was so discouraging. In 2 months I put on about 20 pounds and the weight gain continued for another 6 months. After that I stayed off the scale because it was depressing me. For me, getting back to daily weighing was my signal that I was ready to do something about my weight. I understand fluctuations and my weight is actually very steady and always has been from day to day so I trust this measure.

That is me, if it bothers you, stay off.
I agree I understand my body fluctuates, I'm new to the diet which has made things different, but the only way to get a grasp on that is to weigh and see how my body is reacting. I think part of the problem for me I guess is that I have posted when my weight went up, twice, the first time turned out to be TOM and the second because I was sick. Yes I was curious, a bit discouraged, and upset because I haven't seen much of that in my body even before I started this diet, I pretty much sat at the same place for the last 2-3 years. I am wrapping up a month OP and getting the hang of it. This week was discouraging because I did kinda hit a flat spot and although it happens to all of us it doesn't mean that we all aren't a little discouraged by it. I also take pictures every two weeks so I will take my 3rd set tomorrow. I also measure myself once a week as does my coach. Part of the discouraging week may be do to the fact that my coach's body comp system was down and I like to see the number of lbs of fat lost. I'm far from overly emotional about it, I don't quit the diet, I know it's temporary, it doesn't ruin my day, just makes me a little discouraged for a minute.

On another note I didn't go out with my family and friends last night. No drinking still 100%op and no cheating.
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