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You like grains and carbs, fantastic. I am glad you are thriving on your diet. Great your approach works for you. It was killing me. Is my reality somehow less real or valid? Is lowering carbs somehow invalid for everyone because it is not necessary for you? Is it somehow 'wrong' that people find health and vigor lowering carbs and sometimes eliminating grains?

Is it less wrong when Aragon points this out instead of Taubes?

More and more studies coming out type 2 diabetes being not only controlled but 'reversed' on low carb.

BTW people eating carbs always feel that way when they first go off carbs. I did. I felt awful. My fat utilizing and burning metabolism was all but switched off. Now it is switched on. But until that happened, it takes at least a few days for most sometimes longer, yes you feel bad. Try lowering them for a month to two months. You can always go back. You might find the best health of your life. Or maybe not.

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