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Excellent points, and thanks for the link. I must say it was refreshing to read an article that didn't bash carbs.

It isn't about 'bashing' carbs or not. At least to me. It is about health and vitality to me. There is a reason there is a 'sea change' happening in views on carbs: demonizing fat, way beyond bashing, has been a disaster. For individuals, their loved ones, and health care costs.

I am far from alone in having my life transformed by a different relationship to carbs. It is saving not only my life but many millions who are having similar positives. BTW all for veggies. But other carbs were a disaster for my body and me. Bashing what they did to me.

It is ironic that low carb advocates have been talking about 'fat bashing' in diets for decades. So I guess welcome to the 'party' as views change.

The whole calorie is a calorie is so damaging to people in real life, to me. Yes many people DID, in fact, get overweight from eating grains. It stimulated their appetites and put them in fat storage mode. Radically different outcomes than had those calories come from fat. Just, to me, pointless to point to overall calories consumed. Why? Because for many you simply cannot control appetite and overall calorie intake without targeting carbs. Very simple thing to understand, for me, if you have been overweight with any kind of insulin resistance.

I am far from alone from having my appetite radically reduced by eliminating grains and lowering carbs overall. Flattering to think or assume it was massive willpower by me. The reality is, it was me working with chemistry, not fighting against it.

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