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Good morning everyone. Today is commissary day and of course it is raining. Why it has to rain when we grocery shop I don't know, but it seems every time we have to go to the commissary it ends up raining.

Jack got his snorkeling gear yesterday and he put his fins on and was walking around the carpet. It was a hoot for sure. It is a very nice durable set from US Diving so I don't have to worry about him I don't think. He got these sock things to wear inside the fins so they won't rub on his feet too.

We are leaving here in about an hour to go grab some breakfast then head out to the commissary. I decided not to go to Nashville next weekend because Jack is still having pain and I don't want him to be miserable walking around Opry Mills so we will just stay home and I think we will go over to our mall here today and see if we can find him some New Balance he likes. There are two stores in the mall that carry them so we shall see how he feels.

I am probably going to have to carry the majority of the groceries in today, which will be a real chore because I have to get a lot of can goods this time around. Ahh well, I don't want him doing it as it is painful for him.

You gals have a good day. Talk to you tomorrow. Faye
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