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Wow - so many great posts to read this morning. Congrats to everyone!

I didn't own a scale for many years. Kept saying "the number isn't important, it's how I feel that counts." Yeah, right. That kept me in denial that I was grossly overweight for years. I now weigh daily and find that I view the number more as just one measure of how I'm doing than the be all and end all. It took me awhile to get used to the fluctuations - the "OMG I'm up a pound I'm going to gain it all back!" feeling. Biggest mistake I made was getting on the scale the day after hernia surgery - I was up 6 or 8 pounds, totally freaked me out until I talked myself down. I mean, what did I expect? It was all gone in a few days.

I like other measures of my success better than the scale. Like my 21 year old niece bringing me clothes yesterday that she was getting rid of and most of them fit! It was a great feeling!

I'm with Lisa - if daily weighing stresses you, don't do it for now. Later you probably will be able to view it more objectively but at least in the beginning you don't need the stress.

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