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I like Aragon and especially this video.

I can also criticize explanations other than insulin and carb/sugar consumption as one of if not the main driving force behind obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Along with vegetable oil use and the demonizing of saturated fats. Especially grass fed butter, lard, and tallow.

I think Prof Noakes, Taubes, Davis, etc. are on the right track. I kind of experimented on my own, learned more, feedback, etc. I am always open to new ideas. Remember low carb high fat is still the 'radical' idea now. So you have to be open minded to be on this path in the first place.

I've listened to Taubes, I don't follow him. I have more carbs and fruit than he suggests. I don't follow Paleo, I have dairy. But cutting out grains? Brilliant for my body, mind, health, and life. May be good for someone reading this also? Perhaps, perhaps not. Can't know until it is tried for couple of months or so. Could be the best thing ever.

I am thriving on no grains and low carb and high fat and that is more than good enough for me. And that infographic? More than a summary of Taubes work and FAO. I've lived that infographic.

At about 7:30 in that video Aragon could be talking directly from the infographic. The body's dominant energy storage is fat. But you can't access it with insulin around. How did my belly fat 'melt off'? Lowered carbs allowed my body to access it and burn it. Just lowering calories wouldn't have done it plus that is a moot point because if I still had grains 60% of calories from carbs I would have been too hungry to reduce calories even if I wanted to.

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