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mainecyn sorry to hear bout tough time ir goin thru-but that makes me admire u even more 4 bein so strong and staying binge free!im now on my 21st day binge free from junk but still not cut down completely on having too much fruit!but my theory is that better than chocolate isnt it..?!im slowly reducing my portions of fruit to no more than 2 servings a day as i find anymore than that can make me gain or not lose anything-i assume thats my type 1 diabetes-which is a shame as i love fruit!
try not to worry about gaining as if ur still binge free ur still acheiving a lot in my opinion and i sometimes hit a plateu which is so frustrating where i dont lose lbs but then suddenly i get a good result so it makes me carry on and not fall off the wagon-its all worth it in the end i really do believe u will get there just dokt give up!
i dont know if u ever have anytime free to urself but for exercise and stress relief-put on ur favourite song full blast and "SING LIKE NO ONES LISTENING AND DANCE LIKE NO ONES WATCHING"!also if u have time to workout and u gain muscle then that will start to burn fat and u will c results-theres lots of 10min workouts available now 2!

anyway just keep goin cos ur doin so well and its ppl like u and everyone on here that i look up 2 for support!thanks you :-)
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