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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
I know everyone says don't weigh daily, but surprisingly its more often a motivator more than anything. I don't have unreal expectations, I'm not surprised to not go down from day to day, I am surprised from morning to morning if I go up but it makes me look harder and make sure I didn't slip up because accidents happen.
Many here weigh daily, or have learned to, after a while, to develop a healthier relationship with the scale.

I think the comments you're getting about daily weighing are due to the angst you're sharing about the scale. Frequent weigh-ins need to be a very emotion-neutral situation. Viewed as factual data, rather than "good" or "bad". When we see someone sharing every little freak out, we're trying to calm them down and keep them on the program because we know it works. We also know that quick WL releases a flood of estrogen, which does crazy things to our bodies and emotions. So, those who have been at it a while can see when someone new comes in & starts micromanaging the scale & over analyzing every movement (or non movement).

If we stay 100% OP (easiest to do if we don't battle from within about it), the overall trend is down. There may be little blips up (always weigh the same time daily to reduce those) or some flatlines, but the trend line is DOWN!!! If the weight is charted, it'll be a jagged looking chart, but if a straight trend line is drawn, you'll see the downward slope.

It is very hard to separate the emotions from the facts but the more we are able to do it, the less stress we cause ourselves and the less cortisol is secreted. Excess cortisol isn't good for weight loss. The Beck Diet book is masterful at helping with the cognitive work necessary to re formulate the thoughts and reduce the emotional response.

So, the suggestions for less scale time come from people seeing reports of an emotional response to the scale. Once the emotions can be calmed (usually after the body becomes accustomed to the Ketosis and the quick fat burning) the scale can be viewed as the monitoring tool it is. Only one monitoring tool, however. Before/during pics and measurements are HUGE motivational tools. When we see the scale causing angst, we look for other ways for people to find motivation. The scale will be there when we're ready to hop on and work on detaching from it emotionally. We've used it for a long time as a tool to beat ourselves up.

Time for a new relationship.
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