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Looks like you ladies need some company/help here, so I'll join up too! I remember the Every Day 21 challenges...I wasn't as good about logging onto 3FC back goal was always to eliminate liquid donuts...ha! That became my NYR for 2014, and I've been booze-free all year! One bad, calorie-laden habit down the drain!

Let's many habits to work on....This may not seem "diet"-related, but it is. I need to regulate my sleep cycles so I can avoid exhaustion--especially on low calorie days.

OK, here's the plan: I will be up by 6:30am weekdays and 7:30am weekends (when possible) and I will retire by 10:30pm. Level 3 (since there's no Level 21!)

I'm nervous...I NEVER get 8hrs sleep! especially during the week, and I never get to bed before midnight, but I need to work this out before I start up a routine exercise plan.

Challenge accepted. Thread subscribed. Major family upheaval underway!

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