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Originally Posted by catlady1981 View Post
Happy Weekend!

Started with my new coach/clinic today. Happy to say lost more and it hasn't even been a full week since my last weigh in. So 2 1/2 weeks and 8# so far.
Originally Posted by Butterfli3 View Post
I had my first WI yesterday, down 7.2 pounds! Excited for my clothes to start feeling loose!
- great job!!

Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
I know everyone says don't weigh daily, but surprisingly its more often a motivator more than anything. I don't have unreal expectations, I'm not surprised to not go down from day to day, I am surprised from morning to morning if I go up but it makes me look harder and make sure I didn't slip up because accidents happen. I have always been one to be careful because I can gain weight so quickly and for me it happens at an even pace so I can put on 20-30lbs and still wear the same clothes cause I gain in my boobs, thighs, stomach, calves, arms, etc... it nice sometimes to carry weight well, but it's also a pain because before you know it your up a bunch. In one year, about 6 years ago I went from 140lbs (where I'd been since high school) to 240, I mean I noticed, but not really until about 180, then I was like oh crap, and before you new it I was 220, and so on. I got to 298lbs. I've never been a dieter, this is my first diet, I've always been an exerciser and an all things in moderation. I lost 50lbs and there I sat at 250, could never budge either way, met with a nutritionist for 2 years, my doctor wasn't sure, I logged food I quit drinking anything but water and tea 3 year ago. Now because of a back problem exercise isn't an option well high impact aerobic exercise and weight lifting. So I come to find IP, it's almost the perfect diet for me because I love vegetables and I don't mind most of the restrictions. I'm glad I found it and I'm glad it's working and I know that it's going to continue to work as long as I continue to stay OP. But I am sure I will continue to weigh myself about 3 times a week because I won't allow myself to go up like that again without noticing, and I know it may be hard to believe that I had no idea how big I was getting, but it happened so quickly with such big increments, I don't know how a person gains a hundred lbs in a year, my doctor couldn't find any medical reasons, but as we all know once you start gaining it's hard to derail the train.

As for my event tonight, I'm not going. The temptation is to much to have a drink. I have been able to not drink plenty of times, I have resisted many urges for various things, I have turned down friends for happy hour and lunches out, and I have started going out for lunch and out to the movies and been capable of resisting, but I know myself too well and the one thing that sounds nicer than anything in this time of stress is a nice relaxing glass of wine or mixed drink. I want to stay OP I have a goal to reach for a trip so I will just avoid the situation all together
Sending your way. Sounds like the best decision. Take care.
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