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I know EXACTLY how you guys feel! I feel like cheese & carbs are my downfall lol. I'm lucky I've never really been big on sweets but with cheese, OMG! I saw on Dr Oz or the Doctors the other day that cheese is said to be one of the most addictive things for us. I read somewhere last night that if you can give something up for 3 days, that gives your body a chance to sort of detox from it & then you really have a chance to start giving it up. Fast food is my big problem. One thing I think about when I'm tempted to eat out, is that we are at war with fast food companies. They want to keep me addicted to the crap they're selling & I don't want them to have that power over me so it helps me to resist it.

I also started using this app called "my diet coach." it has this panic button you can press when you're having a craving. after you press it, it starts a 20-minute timer. The idea is to wait the 20 minutes & then after that decide if you really want that food. It's helped for the most part, a few times I've still wound up cheating.

It is hard but we can do it & it will be so worth it!!!
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