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Good morning gals. Jack went over and got his hair cut at 8 AM this morning then when he got back we went out shopping around 10 to find some of those flannel or cotton style plaid pj pants he wears around the house. It is almost impossible to find talls unless you buy at least a 2x and that is too big for him. We went to Walmart and I did the foot mapping thing for Dr Scholls to put things in my shoes but they didn't have any of my number. I found his shampoo, the only one he will use btw and bought two of their big ones just so he has shampoo for awhile. I am making chilimac for dinner so got a box of those garlic breads and when we went looking for the pj pants we passed some really nice looking Wrangler brand cotton shorts for Jack so I bought him two pairs, one in gray and teal plaid and the other a gray, blue and red plaid. The only bad thing is they are 100% cotton so they shrink, which means no dryer and no dryer means they have to be ironed, UGH! We were then off to Target, which is just across the parking lot. We ended up buying regular length pj pants and I will just hang them instead of putting them in the dryer so they won't shrink like the last one did. We came home and Jack was in pain so he took a pill and is in the recliner sleeping now. I am washing all the clothing we bought and doing morning chores then will sit and knit I guess.

Tomorrow is commissary day so I have to get my menu and list done in a bit. I am getting a few more canned vegs that I can't find fresh at the commissary. I do wish I could find jicama someplace though. I have yet to find it down here anywhere.

Jean: Oh, I will say a prayer for the lady at your church. I sure know what colon surgery is like. It is no fun and a mass is not good, not good at all. I got a call last night from the doctor at the pharmacy at my clinic asking about my diabetes. Nothing like waiting 3 months to call me back. I told her straight out I had reduced my meds and why and told her my numbers over all so she was ok with it. If they aren't going to do what they should, then I will do what needs to be done to keep me where I should be. If my blood sugar levels would have gone up after reducing my oral meds, I would have gone back to the double dosage, but nothing has gone up at all and why take more when you can take less? Have fun at card club.

I guess I will go and get my chores done. Have a great Saturday. Jack is getting his snorkeling stuff today so I told him he could go upstairs and stick his head under water in the tub! He said no thanks his ribs hurt too much. Faye
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