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Originally Posted by AwShucks View Post
Hi Dolly! So glad you decided to post over here. Since I'm not British, (but a big Anglophile!) I hesitate to look in on the UK forum - sorry to hear it's a tad slow. Really, I've not been turned away from anywhere I've posted. I think you'll find the place friendly as a whole.

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter. I sympathize with your grief and understand how quickly things can spiral out of control with eating. Years ago, my father died suddenly. I was in my late 20's and having some success with one of my many attempts at weight loss, and after his death, I just went numb for about a year -- and of course, gained everything back.

It is a tribute to your daughter that you want to better your health to live for her. I can imagine what a good mother you were to her.

Now that you're getting a handle on your eating, start small with a little lightweight activity. You will be amazed how good you feel and how quickly your body will adjust. You might have some discomfort at first, but keep going - with persistence, you will get stronger! And, you will succeed! All the best to you!
Funny you should say that. My husband had me doing 'step up' or 'step aerobics' I think they are called, on the first step of our stairs. I did 5 yesterday (pathetic isn't it) and 7 today and by gum, my old knees feel a lot better. So you are so right Awshucks. He is an old cardiac patient from 2009 and, he says it was the best thing that happened to him. It got him healthy. He is going to do a few simple exercises with me that he learned in cardiac rehabilitation. He has a bike and rides everyday and says when I feel up to it, he will buy me one too. At the moment I think I would look like a haystack on top of a pimple, and I doubt my knees would last very long, but its something to aim for. Right, its getting on for 5pm here so its time I turned this off and got on with cooking tea. chicken and salad for hubby and just a bit of chicken and a shake for me
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