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Originally Posted by Rubygirl View Post
Happy weekend to everyone..........I had my first WI this morning after 1 week...whoo hoo I'm down 5.4lbs. I feel so inspired and motivated to keep OP. I have a challenge coming next week as in company is coming to stay for a week. I've know her for all my life and we have been very close off and on. She and I have eaten together in good times and bad. I'm very nervous about telling her about IP and that I am trying yet again another diet. My husband who also works away 2 weeks and is home 1 week does not know either......for the same reason......ANOTHER DIET??? Why don't you just eat less and move more!! That's always the response. I'm really stressing about this.
I didn't trust myself at first and was very slow to tell people. I told DH because of the expense. I did not allow myself to post on the 100% thread until I had been on the diet for a month because I did not trust myself. I was even telling myself, "another diet?".
If eating less and moving more had worked for me I would've lost a long time ago. I have insulin resistance and it takes the very low carb for me to lose weight. It also took a very structured program for me to lose the weight. I was doing pretty low carb and maintaining 260.

Stop stressing. Stress increases cortisol and cortisol reduces weight-loss. It is a bad combo. Good luck!
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