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Originally Posted by RosiePosie101 View Post
Happy weekend everyone! I went to a gala ball last night. I managed to fit into my ball dress which I haven't worn for oh, maybe five years. Last time I wore it, it was a bit tight. This time, I was a little concerned that if I moved too enthusiastically on the dance floor, I may show everyone a little more of me than is decently acceptable! Luckily that didn't happen.

I had great plans to eat beforehand so I didn't have to rely on the food there but simply ran out of time racing back from work and getting ready. I managed to navigate the food ok, though. I said no to the starter of pumpkin soup by saying I didn't like pumpkin. They offered to bring me a salad instead, which in hindsight I should have said yes to but I didn't want to cause a fuss! The main was sweet potatoe mash (avoided that) with beef (avoided the gravy) and asparagus. I know the asparagus didn't give me my full 2C quota of vegetables and I'm pretty sure it was cooked in butter etc but I've built a bridge about it and moved on. The dessert was chocolate lava cake. Oh it smelt good. I used my fork to push it around my plate but didn't eat any of it. That was a big victory for me as I am a notorious dessert eater. I've been known to just order desserts at restaurants and I always used to ask for the dessert menu first so I could check it out before ordering my main!

I drank a couple of glasses of club soda and filled my spare glass up with water. I'm pretty sure no-one even noticed. It looked like vodka and sprite to most people.

There are several great benefits from not drinking, I've discovered. Firstly, I don't have to pay for a cab home and secondly, I wake up on Saturday morning early and don't have that fog from having a couple of wines the night before. I'm going to head to the supermarket to get my shopping in before the Saturday rush crowd. OMG. I just read that last line and realized that I sounded exactly like my Mother. Oh geez!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Great management on the night. Awesome!!
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