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Originally Posted by Smiffmama View Post
I'm so so sorry for the loss of your daughter. My kids are 3 and 4 and I could never imagine. I've gained 20lbs since I lost my grandma in August. The more I read everyone's stories the more I see I'm not the only one who stress eats. My husband is trying to be supportive, for that I'm thankful. It's a learning process for us both. Good soul food has always been a way I've said I love you. A big 4 course meal of country cooking. Baked cakes. His favorite. Lol grandma always cooked really southern and we live in her house now. My husband grew up eating her cooking everyday she pretty much raised him. Always mashed potatoes or fries potatoes everyday. Fried meat, and vegtables boiled with bacon fat. So I continue to fix these meals for my husband as its helped him immensely. And I'm making my own meal on the side lol. It just makes it that much harder I guess.
Don't tell me... your husband eats all that and you gain the weight.
I remember over 40 years ago, visiting Kentucky. Being made to feel welcome was overwhelming, the people were so friendly. It is my belief that if you don't eat your body weight in food, the Kentuckians feel offended. It was there, I got the recipe for apple sauce cake. My family loved it
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