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Hope y'all don't mind a newbie jumping in.

I have started posting a little over at MFP but the support is ho hum. I'm doing c25k for the second time after a long recovery from a major injury. The last time I started I was in much, much better shape. I'd been doing months of hard core cardio and weight training. This time, I skipped all that (so sick of mindless indoor cardio and weight DVDs. I live too rural for going to the gym to be doable). I did walk a ton and do some cardio prep. Just not as much.

Anyway, the coolest thing about this go round is that my 13 year old son is running with me! It's so nice to have a running partner, especially one I don't have to feel embarrassed about huffing and puffing in front of.

We have finished w5d2. The big 20 min run is looming!! My kiddo was feeling under the weather so I did w5d2 by myself once and then again with him. When I did it alone I felt so awesome after the second 8 min run I walked the cool down then decided to just run. Ran a little over .80 of a mile straight. Not sure of the time, my timer tweaked out me. When my son and I did w5d2 together, if felt easier the second time. Still nervous about the 20 min run, but I think we'll be able to do it.

Before my injury (I was hit by a truck out on a run) I was running 3-4.5 mile runs a few times a week and loving it. I hope I can get back to that!!

I'm excited to find an active thread with other folks working their way through the program.
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