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Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
I guess I don't understand why people choose to be offended by the word "excuse". I guess she could have said, "What's your reason?" Is that better? Probably not, because it still implies (and rightly so, IMO) that you have control over your weight. And let's face it- most people DO have control. Barring a medical condition, most people really could choose to eat less and exercise more and be of a healthy weight and fit body. Really. The reality is that most of us choose not to do that. Yes, all of us here are making an effort- that's why we're here! But I know I can say for sure there are things I do that are self-sabotaging. I have thyroid disease, and that makes weight loss harder, but I think that I sometimes use that as an excuse. I have to wonder, is it really "impossible" to lose weight with thyroid disease? Probably not. Which means that although I don't drink soda or eat fast food or candy or sweets, and most of my food falls into the healthy, unprocessed whole food category- I STILL EAT TOO MUCH OF IT, and I don't exercise enough. I know this. If someone else points this out, are they fat shaming me? Or are they just saying it like it is? I think it depends on what they say. If someone starts harping on my appearance and saying unkind things just to tear me down, that's fat shaming or bullying. But if someone simply states a fact- I'm overweight and I need to stop seeking excuses and start taking control- well, that's just the truth, no matter how painful it is to hear.
I always agree with your posts, Eagle. You tell it like it is with tact.

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