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Mainecyn, it sounds like you're going through a lot but congratulations for not giving in the ex's request to basically sign off on receiving any child support. He sounds like a real tool. Keep the pressure up on him. His child needs shoes. Just keep reminding him of that.

Sorry to learn that you've been so sick. I had something similar that went on 4 weeks before the antibiotics finally took hold and I started feeling better. I've lost weight mostly because I've lost a lot of water. It sounds to me like the fluid in your lungs maybe part of what is registering as a weight gain. You're retaining fluids, that's all. Once the fluids are absorbed and processed through by your body, what looks like a gain on the scale will be gone again.

You have so much going on in your life, just staying focused and sticking to your program is tough, I'm sure, but you're doing a good job. Keep reminding yourself of that, each time you make a good choice. Give yourself that positive affirmation that you need.

I have been sticking to my program, though my calorie intake has been up by 150+/- calories over the last week. No increase in carbs but I've been relying on higher-fat meats and nut butter for not feeling like preparing salads and other vegetables. I need to get back to low-fat meats and stop eating almond butter. Now that my sinus infection has cleared up and I feel better, I'll start my workout routine again this weekend and spend time prepping low carb vegetables for the week ahead. With any luck, that will boost my weight loss over the coming week.
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